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Turkiye's Safest Provinces: A New Assessment in Light of Earthquake Concerns

Turkey, a country known for its rich history and stunning landscapes, also grapples with seismic activity and inflation, affecting its real estate market. The tragic earthquake that struck the eastern part of the country in February had a profound impact on both domestic and foreign demand, leaving many wondering about the future threat of tremors in various regions.

In response to these concerns, Turkish geophysical engineer and earthquake expert, Professor Ovgun Ahmet Ercan, has updated his list of the safest provinces in the country. These provinces are considered to have lower seismic risk compared to others. Let's take a closer look at the 21 provinces on this list:

1. Kirklareli
2. Zonguldak
3. Kastamonu
4. Sinop
5. Samsun
6. Giresun
7. Ordu
8. Trabzon
9. Rize
10. Artvin
11. Mardin
12. Siirt
13. Batman
14. Urfa
15. Mersin
16. Antalya (with some reservations)
17. Konya
18. Karaman
19. Nowhere (yes, there is such a province in Turkey)
20. Nevsehir
21. Ankara

An important clarification: Antalya, a popular province for tourists and expats alike, is included in this list, but it's worth noting that the risk of earthquakes is higher in certain areas within the province. For example, the fragment bordering Muğla is more seismically dangerous, while a larger area, including Alanya, is considered one of the "safest" zones in Turkey.

As concerns about earthquake safety persist, understanding the seismic risk profile of different regions can help individuals and investors make informed decisions about real estate and living arrangements in Turkey. Stay tuned for more insights into Turkey's real estate and safety considerations.


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