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Turkey's Profitable Rental Housing Market: Where to Invest for a 10.13% Yield

Turkey's real estate market continues to sizzle, consistently capturing the attention of VelesClub readers for the third consecutive year. The allure of purchasing a home in Turkey extends beyond mere ownership and opens the door to obtaining a residence permit. While the national average rental yield is an impressive 6.52% per annum, astute investors can find opportunities that yield even higher returns, sometimes reaching an impressive 10%.

Here are the cities in Turkey boasting the highest rental yields:

1. Adana – 7.26%
2. Ankara – 7.15%
3. Bursa – 7.05%
4. Konya – 6.81%
5. Izmir – 6.51%

Ankara, particularly in the Kecioren district, shatters the ceiling with a remarkable annual rental yield of 10.13%—a lucrative prospect for investors looking to maximize returns on a property priced at just $56 thousand.

Even Istanbul, despite its vast size, manages to offer enticing opportunities. While the city's overall rental yield averages 6.21%, the Beylikdüzü district stands out with a 9% annual return on a two-bedroom apartment, available for purchase at $73 thousand.

Notably, investing in real estate in Turkey offers the added incentive of potential citizenship acquisition for property purchases exceeding $400 thousand—a tantalizing prospect, especially for Russian and Belarusian investors.

For an in-depth exploration of the nuances and opportunities of real estate investment in Turkey, be sure to check out our blog.


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