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The best resorts: a new section from our experts

Article content:

  1. Family resorts: taking into account the interests and needs of all family members
  2. Corfu - an island in Greece 
  3. Salou - Spanish resort
  4. Ayia Napa - a resort in Cyprus
  5. Rimini - resort in sunny Italy
  6. Hurghada - family vacation in Egypt  

"The best resorts in the world" - sounds a little pathos. After all, everyone's tastes and preferences are different. For someone the best place is a beautiful beach with white sand and warm ocean; for someone - a children's town, fine cuisine and access to the sea. And someone is comfortable where people close to them gather: surfing, diving, golf, etc.

Our team decided to create our own selection of the best resorts, uniting them by destination. Each week we will share the best with you!
And today we will start with the resorts that made it to the top foreign resorts for family vacations
When young couples plan a vacation with children, first of all they pay attention to:

  • safety (whether the beaches are shallow, sand or pebbles, what kind of children's area at the pools, etc.)
  • entertainment: whether there are children's playgrounds, water parks, children's clubs and animators on the territory of the hotel
  • comfortable conditions in the hotel: special children's menu, thoughtful interior, transfer if necessary

A great place for a family vacation is the island of Corfu, which belongs to Greece and is the second largest among the Ionian Islands. It is diverse, so it is important to choose hotels carefully. For example, Perama has an airport and is inconvenient for a vacation, while Kerkyra and Kavos will attract more lovers of an active lifestyle. In our opinion, for a quiet serene vacation with children, Agios Gordios is suitable (sandy beach, long entrance to the sea is a safe place for small children). But the most popular family resort on the island is Acharavi. It is most often chosen by families with small children, because the flat terrain without sharp descents, cozy beach and shallow depth at the shore - all for parental peace of mind. Also in this resort there is a large water park Hydropolis and a small but picturesque zoo. 

From Greece let's move to sunny Spain.
Investors love to buy real estate here. And it seems that the whole country is suitable for family vacations. But there are special places, loved by many tourists. This is, of course, Salou. A small town, but with a wonderful azure sea, soft sand, delicious traditional cuisine and clean long beaches. It should be especially noted that all the beaches of Salou are awarded the blue flag, which symbolizes safety, comfort and environmental friendliness - all the things that parents pay attention to in the first place. 

Cyprus is no less beautiful with its resorts. 
Rest here is presented for all tastes, but for a vacation with children we recommend Ayia Napa with the beach Landa. The beach is marked with a flag of the color of the sky, which, as we noted earlier, characterizes it as a safe, cozy place. The sand on the shore is warm and white, and due to the fact that in this part is not so windy, the sea is considered one of the calmest. You can stay in any hotel, but with children it is convenient to do it in family-type hotels, where the children's table is thought out, there are separate pools for children and game rooms. 
Italy is another country that prioritizes the wishes of "bambino". The most popular resort here is Rimini. The beaches are sandy, the entrance to the sea is gentle, there are practically no waves - parents always pay attention to this for the safety of children. Most beaches are equipped with playgrounds and water attractions. Opened at the resort and dolphinarium, where you can take curious witches. And also not far away there is a water town "Aquafan", where there is entertainment for all ages. And, perhaps, the most interesting place in Rimini is the park "Italy in miniature", which presents famous Italian treasures and masterpieces of other countries: the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of San Marco and much more. 

Well, those who like to rest in the format of all inclusive, can stop their attention in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada. On the territory of the resort is a sufficient number of family hotels, where there is a lot of entertainment for children: water parks, children's clubs and playgrounds, animators. But most importantly, the coastline of the resort is sandy beaches. Hurghada despite the fact that it belongs to the category of "best resorts", is quite affordable in the price range. 

Of course, not all the best family resorts are presented here, but in one article it is difficult to cover a lot of interesting and significant places at once. Therefore, we will continue this rubric. And if you have any questions and wishes, we are always glad to cooperate. 

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