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Studying in Turkey: A Compelling Choice and Practical Advantages

Turkey, often overlooked for immigration through study, offers a compelling option, with a residence permit granted in nearly 100% of cases. Beyond this, there are several enticing reasons to consider Turkey as a study destination:


1. Extended Residency: Obtain a residence permit for periods ranging from six months to several years, providing ample time to explore and integrate into the country.

2. Strategic Opportunities: Use the study period to familiarize yourself with Turkey, potentially securing employment or initiating a business venture.

3. Direct Study Opportunities: Enroll in educational programs to acquire new skills and expertise in various specialties.

4. Access to Exchange Programs: Benefit from renowned exchange programs such as Erasmus and Erasmus+ (international), as well as Turkish programs like Mevlana and Falabi.

5. European Union Accreditation: Turkish universities are accredited in the European Union, ensuring international recognition of obtained diplomas.

6. Affordability: Enjoy cost-effective education, making it an attractive option for students seeking quality education without breaking the bank.


Admission Options:

- Paid Language Courses: Ideal for those looking to enhance language skills.
- Student Exchange Programs: Accessible through programs like Erasmus, Erasmus+, Mevlana, and Falabi.
- Paid Universities: A straightforward option requiring a minimum school certificate for admission.
- Free Universities on Scholarships: Though more challenging, scholarships can cover up to 80% of education costs.


Having decided to pursue studies in Turkey, the next steps involve selecting a program and educational institution. Familiarise yourself with entrance tests as you embark on this exciting educational journey.


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