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Article content:

  • Spain: investment for obtaining a residence permit.
  • North or South: where is the best place to buy a property?
  • How to make a purchase correctly for a Russian.

Hola! It's nice to hear such a greeting when you become a property owner in Spain. Is it difficult to do this? Let's try to figure it out.

Investing in real estate in a country with a Spanish flavor is not difficult, as it has its own special advantages:

  • foreigners are allowed to buy any type of real estate;
  • when buying a property starting from 500,000 euros, the owner can apply for a residence permit, and after living for 5 years or more, apply for permanent residence;
  • the cost of real estate varies and is designed for any wallet: it depends on the location and region. 
  • investing in real estate in the Kingdom is profitable, because prices for it are constantly growing, and demand does not subside;
  • a Schengen visa. The owner of a home, regardless of its value, can stay in the country for up to 90 days.
  • the advantage is that foreign citizens can apply for a state mortgage with a fairly favorable interest rate, although this issue is more difficult for Russians;
  • if you have a residence permit, you can travel freely around the EU;
  • an important factor is the developed infrastructure: schools, universities, shops, pharmacies, metro-all at a fairly high level, which also affects the investor's income.
  • and of course, the climate and landscape: hot summers and warm mild winters attract a large number of tourists. And a good geographical location contributes to free movement in the EU countries and a great holiday by the sea. 

If you choose Spain, the question immediately arises: north or south? 

Probably, as in other countries, northerners and southerners differ significantly. The northern region of the Kingdom looks more reserved, arrogant. It resembles a high-status businessman with his own stable principles. Here they don't just sit in a cafe, but always solve some business cases. There is no measured and calm rhythm of life here, as in the south, because this part of the country considers itself an important part of the economy and they simply do not have time to rest. But at the same time, tourists come here in an endless stream, and the Spaniards themselves are moving to the north of the country in pursuit of high earnings.

The south is also attractive for its climate. There is practically no winter here, which leads to a serene and comfortable life. In the south, the tourism and services sector is very developed, as more than 80% of the local population works in the hotel business sector. It is easier for newcomers to find work here, since they are most often involved in harvesting, since the south is an agricultural part of the country. Because of the hot summer, southerners often work until lunchtime, and this negatively affects the level of their wages. Most of the southern regions of Spain live off tourism and subsidies from the country's industrial areas, but despite this, many foreign and domestic investors are constantly investing in real estate in the southern regions of Spain. 

North or south — you can choose for yourself. Here it is very important to take into account all your preferences: whether you want to live and work, or just come here on vacation. We will make every effort to make you satisfied with your choice. 

When the choice is made, the desires coincide with the opportunities, the main question becomes: how to make a deal correctly. 

Today, when making a purchase, Russians face certain difficulties. Thus, due to sanctions, transfers of funds from Russian accounts to Spanish bank accounts are difficult. When opening a deposit, there is also a set limit, and banks have certain restrictions. Simplifies the process of registration of a transaction, the presence of a residence permit with subsequent purchase of housing. 

You can get a residence permit in Spain in several ways:

  • if you are an entrepreneur and want to legally conduct your business in Spain, then the main requirements will be originality, support for the economy of the Kingdom, and create new jobs
  • the Digital Nomad Visa program is a program for those who want to live in Spain, but at the same time are an online employee of another country employment program. Here it is important to correctly draw up an employment contract with a Spanish company in accordance with the rules of the Spanish Ministry of Labor
  • student residence permit. Here you must submit documents for studying at one of the country's universities, where it is noted: tuition fees, full-time format and accreditation of the educational institution. 

From all of the above, the solution can always be found. Therefore, if you have set a goal — to move to Spain for permanent residence or buy real estate there, we will help you achieve it. To see which real estate objects for investment and accommodation we offer right now, follow the link.


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