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Short-Term Rentals in Athens: Earning €3,000 a Month

Greece's tourism sector is booming, and this has resulted in a surge in income from short-term rental housing in Athens. The bustling "trade triangle," which stretches between Syntagma, Monastiraki, and Omonia squares, now brings in an average monthly income of €3,200 for short-term rental apartments. In Kukaki, the second most profitable district, property owners are making around €3,000 per month.

Rising Returns

Even outside the city center, the heart of Athens offers promising returns, with an average monthly income of about €2,300 per month. This marks a substantial 56% increase compared to 2019. In contrast, long-term rentals in the city center yield almost three times less, rarely exceeding €1,200 per month.

Investor-Friendly Districts

The shopping triangle and Kukaki stand out as some of the most popular areas among real estate investors. If you've been contemplating buying property in Greece, now is an opportune moment. The country's economy is thriving, and its investment rating has returned to a favourable grade for the first time in over a decade.

Athens is experiencing a surge in short-term rental income, making it an attractive choice for property investors. The thriving tourism sector and robust returns make it an appealing destination for those looking to expand their real estate portfolio. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to invest in the Greek property market.


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