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Visa and residence permit in Serbia: Useful information for Russian citizens

The content of the article:

  • Rules of entry to Serbia for Russians
  • Types of visas
  • Advantages of a residence permit in Serbia
  • Residence permit for investments


In an era of difficult relations between the West and Russia, the country in southeastern Europe is still friendly and supportive to our compatriots. Serbia welcomes tourists from Russia. Moreover, we also have direct flights with her. That is why the visa regime in the country is quite simple: if you plan to travel to Serbia for no more than a month, you do not need a visa at all. For a longer stay, a category C (up to 90 days) or D (90 to 180 days) visa is available. To enter the country, you must have an insurance policy that covers emergency medical care, return to your homeland due to illness and urgent hospital treatment. Well, it is necessary to confirm financial viability: about 50 euros per day of stay in the country. It can be a bank statement or cash. 

Visas to Serbia have 3 categories:

A is a transit visa. According to it, foreigners can stay in the country for no more than 5 days, and they are prohibited from leaving the airport. The term of such a visa is 6 months, which allows you to arrive at the airport one or more times.
C is a short—term visa. Gives the right to stay in the country for up to 90 days in any period of 6 months. The validity period is no more than 5 years, which allows you to visit the country several times. It is usually opened for travel, tours of the country, vacations, meetings with friends or relatives.
D — long-term visa. Allows a stay in the country from 90 to 180 days. On the basis of this visa, you can apply for a residence permit, then permanent residence and citizenship.  

Many Russians are wondering: is it possible to open a Schengen visa in Serbia? At the moment, Serbia is not part of the Schengen area, therefore, to obtain a Schengen visa, you must have a residence permit (boravak) in Serbia. Borawak also provides an opportunity to open American and British visas. Moreover, in both cases, a valid employment contract is required. However, in any case, in order to obtain any of these three visas, you need to obtain a residence permit and become a resident of Serbia. Let's look at how to do this next. 

In fact, becoming a resident or citizen of the Serbian state just to open a Schengen visa is not the most important thing. A residence permit in Serbia has a number of advantages:

  • Free medical care — residents of the country have access to high-quality medical services;
  • The applicant's family members also participate in the residence permit program: spouse and children under 18 years of age;
  • Employment opportunity — with a sought-after profession, you will be happy to be accepted for a position in any sector of the country's economy;
  • You can get permanent residence after 5 years of residence in the country, and then apply for citizenship;
  • Simplified obtaining of visas to the USA, Canada, Great Britain and the Schengen countries;
  • Visa-free visits to 136 countries;
  • Attractive tax system: the country has quite favorable tax rates for businessmen, which simplifies doing business and makes it profitable;
  • Decent standard of living at reasonable prices: high-quality products, affordable housing (compared to other European countries), developed infrastructure; 
  • Quick opening of accounts in Serbian banks, as well as the possibility of opening deposits and loans;


An affordable registration procedure — a residence permit is issued fairly quickly, according to the requirements of the residence permit program.

What are the conditions of the residence permit program:

Real estate investment is the purchase of residential real estate. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways, since there is no minimum threshold cost for obtaining a residence permit. On average, the price of housing in large cities ranges from 80,000 euros and above, and in small towns — from 40,000 euros. Despite the rather simple procedure, it is very important to find competent assistants in this matter, since unforeseen difficulties may arise during registration: checking the "legal purity" of the property, assistance from a lawyer when signing a purchase and sale agreement, opening a personal account, assistance in translating documents when applying for a residence permit, etc. 

Opening of a company, a branch of a foreign company — Serbia has signed more than 60 agreements to avoid double taxation. A Serbian joint—stock company, LLC or sole proprietor receives loyal treatment from state-owned banks on the basis of an important condition - to employ at least four Serbs. At the same time, the state itself provides such companies with support: tax incentives, assistance in conducting business, and bringing business to the European market. 

Investing in a Serbian company — the investment must be documented with an extract from a local bank, where the account must have at least 50,000 euros (it is possible in any currency equivalent to euros). With such an investment, boravak is opened initially for six months, and then for further extension it is necessary to invest about 5,000 euros in the authorized capital of the same company.
Employment — you can get a residence permit if you have an employment contract with a Serbian company. This residence permit is issued for a period of one year with the possibility of its extension.

These are the main ways to obtain a residence permit in Serbia for foreigners. Of course, there is a borawak for students studying at universities in the country, and for students who arrived under an exchange program; and for family reunification — it all depends on what means you have to obtain a residence permit. If you need help with this issue, please contact VelesClub Int. Our lawyers and consultants will answer questions about moving to Serbia on the basis of a visa available to investors.


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