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Relocating to Portugal to Incur 33% Higher Service Fees with SEF Restructuring

Prospective relocation to Portugal should prepare for increased service fees as the government restructures the agency responsible for handling foreign-related affairs. The Portuguese agency SEF for Foreigners and Border Affairs is set to be disbanded and replaced by a new service, AIMA. As part of this transition, service fees, particularly for in-person document submissions, will see a substantial increase of 33%. However, individuals who opt for online document submissions can take advantage of a 25% discount.

Impact on Relocants

These changes will have a direct impact on individuals relocating to Portugal, especially those seeking extensions, replacements, or visa applications. While the fee hike is a concern, the option to submit documents online provides a more cost-effective alternative for those looking to streamline the process. 

Analysis and Outlook

The restructuring of SEF into AIMA and the accompanying increase in service fees reflect a shift in the administrative framework for foreigners in Portugal. The adjustment aims to improve and streamline the services provided to relocants. As Portugal continues to be a popular destination for immigrants and expatriates, it is crucial to be aware of these changes to navigate the process more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Relocating to Portugal will now come with additional costs as the restructuring of SEF brings about higher service fees. While these changes may be a concern, those looking to move to Portugal can explore online document submission options to take advantage of a discounted rate. These developments underscore the need for prospective relocants to stay informed about evolving administrative procedures in Portugal.


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