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Real estate in Sochi for recreation, investment and life

The content of the article:

  • Elite districts of Sochi
  • The central district is "expensive-rich"
  • Pros and cons of Khostinsky district
  • Lazarevsky district — boarding houses, sanatoriums
  • Adler is a paradise for tourists
  • Investing — three options 


"If I knew the purchase, I would live in Sochi" is perhaps the most popular phrase about Sochi. As sociologists note, many respondents cannot answer exactly on which coast of the Black Sea the city is located, but almost everyone knows this saying. Well, it's no wonder, because living in Sochi during the Soviet Union was very prestigious, and now that the city has acquired such a transformation, even more so! Initially, Sochi was a small seaside town, where special attention was not paid to infrastructure. Just as a recreation area. But thanks to the 2014 Olympic Games, the city received huge government support. Today it stretches for more than 140 km along the coast and is divided into 4 main areas:

  • The central district
  • Khostinsky district
  • Lazarevsky district
  • Adler district

Each of these areas is attractive in its own way. One can be a great place for investment projects, the other is more suitable for recreation, because it is close to the sea and surrounded by many entertainment venues, the third has excellent infrastructure and is ideal for living with the whole family. Let's look at each in more detail. 
The most prestigious area for many years has been the Central District (Zavokzalny, Primorye, New Sochi and the Center itself). Of course, this also affects the cost of housing, it is 40-50% higher compared to other areas. Despite the expensive housing, the Central district is the most developed and built-up. However, regardless of whether it is a small—scale Khrushchev or a new luxury housing, the price is still high. Why is he popular:

  • Attractions: many architectural monuments
  • Luxury five-star hotels that attract the wealthy public
  • A large number of green squares
  • Developed infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, clinics — all within walking distance
  • Large shopping malls are a paradise for tourists and shoppers
  • Cultural facilities: theaters, museums, Olympic sports centers 
  • Year-round work for many employees, not just during the season
  • It is not far from the sea, about 15 minutes
  • Developed transport system 

There are disadvantages to this area too. And it's not just the price. Since it is heavily populated, there are always problems with traffic jams and parking, overcrowded kindergartens and schools, and in the summer, the beach is very busy from this area.

Who benefits from buying real estate here: investors who want to invest in profitable housing; businessmen who open various service companies; and all those who want to live in luxury and comfort near the sea.
Khostinsky district is divided into several neighborhoods in which you can live and relax. Main:

  • Bytha
  • Svetlana
  • Fabricius
  • Kudepsta

What is it notable for buying real estate:

  • Special attention is paid to several health resorts, sanatoriums, which offer a wide range of services for improving the body
  • There are not many noisy clubs and cafes here
  • Picturesque landscape and clear sea
  • At some distance from the urban beach bustle of the central district
  • There are many educational institutions in Bytkh, there is also a French school
  • In Svetlana, the lower part of the district is the historical center
  • You can find budget housing

Fabricius is a residential area, which offers new buildings mainly of business class. 
Kudepsta is far from the city center, and there is little construction going on here, which affects the cost of housing. At the same time, schools, kindergartens, shops — everything is available
The downside is that the beaches of this area are not quite suitable for young children. 
Young couples often consider this area for their mature parents, purchasing housing to take care of their health.
The longest and quietest area is Lazarevsky:

  • Suitable for couples with young children
  • Beautifully landscaped: more than 100 km of gardens and parks
  • A well-equipped coast, where you can find a pebble-sand beach and smooth access to the water 
  • The transport network is well developed — from the Central district to Lazarevsky you can get by train in about half an hour
  • The terrain of the area is quite flat, without mountain differences
  • Developed infrastructure, however, unlike the Central district, there are much fewer children's institutions in the area 

The downside is that the beach is very busy during the tourist season, so if you are not planning to rent an apartment, then it is better to consider an apartment away from the sea. In winter, this area freezes up a bit, so it is more suitable for seasonal work or as housing for freelancers. 
The Adler district is also considered quite popular, and throughout the year. It is divided into two parts — the quarters of the old city and the Imereti Bay:

  • The area is comfortable for living
  • The big beach
  • There are many infrastructure facilities
  • Even the most avid fastidious will find something for themselves: luxury restaurants, clubs, discos, entertainment centers
  • There are jobs, as life boils here both day and night 
  • A cable car and a ski resort that attracts active vacationers all year round

The disadvantage of this area is that the largest flow of tourists is here. Because of this, all types of services in the area are very expensive: starting with small cafes, shops, restaurants and ending with beaches, which are almost all paid. In general, advantages can be found in any area. And to buy a property, you first need to answer a few questions:

  • For profit or accommodation?
  • With a sea view or a park area?
  • Are children's institutions within walking distance or a developed transport highway?
  • To live away from the hustle and bustle of tourism or in the "epicenter" of events?

Buying a property in Sochi is an ideal opportunity to invest your money wisely. There are three options to consider:

  • For daily rent. Apartments located near the beach with good service are suitable for this
  • For a long-term stay. Here, when choosing, you need to pay attention to objects that have a large number of educational institutions, hospitals, and parks nearby. As well as remote from noisy beaches and tourists. You can pay attention to new buildings where housing is both economy class and premium. 
  • For quick profit (resale). In this case, we pay attention to which areas the price is steadily increasing. Which elite areas are the most attractive as a successful investment, where the cost per year can increase by 20-30%, both in the secondary and primary markets.


When you already know the purpose of your purchase, our employees will offer you the options that are suitable for you.


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