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PORTUGAL: investments for or against

Article Content:

  1. Contrasts of Portugal (pros and cons)
  2. How to get a residence permit without a "golden visa"
  3. Investments in the hotel business


The Portugal of Contrasts. About the pros and cons of emigration to this country is written a lot, but despite this, many of our compatriots still consider it for permanent residence. 
And indeed, Portugal attracts with its mild climate, safe living, its ecology and comfortable environment for raising children. 
Portugal is in the top ten safest countries in the world and in the top twenty European countries with the best medicine. There is enough sun in the country, not less than 300 days a year, which means that those who prefer "eternal summer" will definitely appreciate it.
This country is also beautiful for its landscape: you can go to the mountains and surf on the Atlantic Ocean. 

But there are also its disadvantages. Portugal is famous for its high taxes from 14.8 to 48 percent. If you do not have a preferential status, you pay tax according to fixed rates. The country has a high unemployment rate, as there are few high-paying jobs, and few people want to work for minimum wage. Portugal has a low salary level, which can also be considered a disadvantage. The Portuguese are slow, because of this the government agencies work extremely slowly, which makes it difficult to issue documents. With a beautiful climate and landscape in the country there are a lot of narrow roads, equipped with many sharp turns and dangerous descents. In addition, all autobahns in the country are toll-free. 

If you are not intimidated by the disadvantages and you are ready to become Portuguese, then further we will consider how it can be done without a special visa.
At the beginning of 2024, the government of the country passed a law to close such a program as "Golden Visa", according to which you could get a residence permit through the purchase of residential real estate.

So what are the other options to become an investor and get a residence permit:

  • Creating a new business. An entrepreneur can create a new business or certify an existing business, while providing jobs for the Portuguese. The turnover must be at least 350,000 euros.
  • Restoration of real estate properties. Properties that are located in special zones or need major renovations of at least 350,000 euros
  • Maintenance and restoration of the country's cultural heritage. Construction of artistic and cultural monuments
  • Opening a deposit. But! From 1.500.000 euros 
  • If you create 10 jobs, you can also participate in this investment program (and this is exactly the opportunity to invest in the hotel business).

In recent years, Portugal (according to the World Travel Awards) has been recognized as the best tourist destination. It is also a significant indicator that tourism generates significant income for the country, as many foreign tourists stay in the country for long periods of time. 
To invest in hotels, you first need to choose a destination. Popular for a long time remain Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, as well as the island of Madeira. But now cities in the north of the country are also entering the tourist market: Guimarães, Vila Nova de Gaia and Braga - the city of youth and the influx of Brazilian migrants. The advantage of investing in new places, less visited by tourists, is that there are more opportunities to find interesting and profitable projects with small investments. 

Azores can be considered an interesting option for hotel business development. 

Unlike Madeira, whose territory is packed with hotels on 100%, the Azores - a pristine environment for hiking, family vacations, as well as various sporting events. In addition, these islands can be an excellent investment in the cultural heritage of the country, which may affect the obtaining of residence permits under the new program. 

In conclusion, it is not by chance that we have devoted our article to this topic. Investing should be a well-considered and forward-looking decision. Portugal can be safely considered as a country for emigration. But in order not to make mistakes when drawing up documents, you need to contact specialists in this field. Our managers are ready to help you with this.

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