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Oman Golden Visa: Eligibility and Options

The Oman Golden Visa program is an investment immigration initiative granting a residence permit in Oman along with visa-free entry to over 100 countries. Here's a breakdown of who can qualify and the available options:


Types of Golden Visas:

  • - 5-Year Visa: Available for foreigners aged 21 to 59 and pensioners over 60.
  • 10-Year Visa: Open to foreigners over 21 and pensioners.


Options for a 5-Year Visa:

For Foreigners (21 to 59 years):
- Invest in Omani government bonds (minimum $650,000).
- Invest at least $650,000 in an Omani business.
- Purchase real estate worth at least $650,000, with the condition of leasing the properties.


For Pensioners (60 years and above):
- Provide proof of working in Oman for over 2 years.
- Minimum age requirement: 60 years at the time of application.
- Submit personal bank statements from a local bank, indicating a monthly income of at least $10,400 for the last six months.
- Furnish a real estate lease agreement in the applicant's name.


Options for a 10-Year Visa:

For Foreigners (21 years and above) and Pensioners:
- Purchase real estate valued at $1,300,000 or more.
- Own public shares, shares of a closed joint-stock company, or business shares with a market value of $1,300,000 or more.
- Establish a company in Oman, employing at least 50 local citizens.
- Invest in a limited liability company, private limited company, or Omani government bonds, with a minimum investment of $1,300,000.


The Oman Golden Visa program presents a valuable opportunity for individuals and retirees seeking long-term residency, facilitated by a range of diverse investment options. This initiative not only grants a coveted residence permit in Oman but also affords the privilege of visa-free travel across multiple countries.

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