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Italy's New Immigration Laws: A Three-Year Visa Plan (2023-2025)

Italy has announced a three-year plan for entry visas for 2023-2025. The main goal is “gradually reducing the gap between the size of entry flows and the needs of the labour market/expansion of economic sectors.”

We will note only a few points:

- Stimulating the arrival of highly qualified personnel;
- Providing preferential quotas for workers from countries that, in cooperation with the Italian State, carry out media campaigns for their citizens on the risks arising from illegal migration;
- Allocation of quotas for agricultural workers;
- Renewal (!) of a special quota for workers in the family and social health sector (such as domestic helpers and caregivers).

By the numbers:

According to the Official Gazette, 452,000 foreigners will be allowed to enter within three years, working in seasonal, non-seasonal employment and self-employment.

For example, foreigners can apply for subordinate non-seasonal work and as part of self-employment in the following industries:

  - Road freight transportation
  - Construction
  - Tourism and hospitality
  - Mechanics
  - Telecommunications
  - Food industry
  - Shipbuilding and bus building
  - Fishing
  - Hairdressing services
  - Electrical and plumbing work

Also, under certain conditions, it is possible to convert a residence permit from another EU country (NOT Italy) into a work visa in Italy or into documents allowing self-employment.


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