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Istanbul Investment Insights: Webinar Highlights and Turkish Citizenship

In a recent webinar focused on Turkish citizenship and real estate, Istanbul emerged as the star of the show. This bustling metropolis offers promising opportunities for investors. Here, we'll share the key takeaways from the webinar and delve into what makes Istanbul the most popular city in Turkey.

Prime Investment Zones in Istanbul

For investors, Istanbul presents three highly appealing zones. The first two are located along the Bosphorus, spanning both the European and Asian sides of the city. The third zone includes areas slightly more distant from these central locations. Additionally, areas currently undergoing active development, where new housing projects and renovations are taking place, are worth considering.

Building Age Matters

When investing in pre-built properties, one essential precaution is to determine the building's age. Opt for properties constructed after 2018 when updated regulations on seismic resistance were introduced. Newer buildings are more likely to meet these rigorous standards, ensuring safety and peace of mind for investors.

Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is a popular choice among investors, and one of the most common paths is through a real estate investment of $400,000 or more, based on cadastral value.

Fair Cadastral Values in Istanbul

Istanbul boasts a significant advantage when it comes to cadastral values. The cadastral value closely aligns with the actual market value of properties. In contrast, projects located on the coast may have significant price differences of up to 50%. This means that property buyers in Istanbul are less likely to overpay, enhancing the value of their investments.

Convenient Banking Options

For investors from Russia, it's worth noting that some Turkish developers have established accounts in Russian banks or opened offices in Russian cities, facilitating financial transactions and making investments more accessible.

Istanbul shines as a top investment destination in Turkey, offering strategic zones, safe and modern buildings, and a streamlined path to Turkish citizenship. With its fair cadastral values and accessible financial options, Istanbul continues to attract investors from around the world, making it a city of remarkable opportunities. Stay tuned for more insights on Istanbul's dynamic real estate market.


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