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The content of the article:

  • The history of VelesClub Int.
  • Investment objects: investor's goals
  • Objects of owners and realtors — security of the transaction
  • Commercial real estate: how to make money on investments
  • Land plots as a separate type of investment
  • Secondary housing — "portfolio assessment"
  • New projects of the company


Initially, VelesClub Int. emerged as a company for the implementation of investment projects in Turkey. But later, as Sergey Tumanov, General Managing Partner and founder, notes: "I did not expect that the company would begin to develop rapidly and reach such a high international level in a short time." Indeed, today our company cooperates with the jurisdictions of 26 countries, concludes contracts with the largest developers in the world, with all the "main players" in the real estate sector. Sergey Tumanov did not choose this area by chance, because, as a lawyer for the energy and construction sector, he has been associated with real estate for a very long time. However, the management and implementation of investment projects was a new direction for him, which, thanks to the cohesive and well-coordinated work of the entire team, has achieved tremendous success in a year and a half since its foundation. "Everyone knows their role, everyone does what they have to do, and not just from the point of view of job responsibilities, but from the point of view of full involvement in the process. I have repeatedly noted that real estate trading is primarily a team effort that cannot be done alone," S.Tumanov says about all his employees. But initially, the biggest difficulty for him was to find a highly efficient team that would work like clockwork. Sergey imagines himself as a locomotive that is rapidly moving forward, but notes that "it is impossible to gain momentum with broken wheels." His locomotive is moving thanks to the team, top managers who sincerely support the company and invest fully in its development:
Natalia Bazhenova — Partner and Development Director;
Artyom Bugrov — Head of the Representative Office in Russia;
Basil Alkaramlakh is the head of the Marketing Department at social networks;
Matvey Zhiltsov is a junior partner and director of the IT sector.
During the eight years of operation of VelesClub Int., several blocks have been formed, which are constantly being replenished and expanded. Today's article will be a kind of guide to our site in order to make it easier for you to navigate. 
The block that we have been presenting since the company was founded is investment facilities. One of the most popular investment tools remains real estate, which can bring a stable income, as well as, if desired, solve problems with residence permits and citizenship. Investors usually pursue several goals:

  • get passive income (as a rule, such real estate is rented out);
  • save your savings. In order not to lose their savings due to inflation, many people invest in real estate. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is profitable to buy commercial facilities in areas with high traffic, and residential ones with developed infrastructure;
  • get income from the resale of real estate or exchange it for a more profitable option;
  • the opportunity to obtain a residence permit or citizenship in a number of countries by investing in real estate.

Investing in real estate is an easy and reliable way to save money. But, you must admit, any investment always involves risks. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and losses, you need to treat this issue more responsibly. Our company gives you freedom of choice: we have access to 26 countries and 6 languages. What does it mean? It is very convenient for the client to use the resource without any translator: native translation is available in 6 languages at once. In addition, we also have cross-services: So, you can buy Mexico from Albania and, conversely, Thailand from the USA, and the USA from Thailand, respectively. That is why we emphasize that freedom of choice is productive work with clients. We do not just offer, but analyze together with the potential buyer the opportunities and goals that he pursues.

The section for independent sales has become no less interesting and in demand on our website. Thanks to this service, property owners can register themselves and place their properties for sale. They can do this through a simple form, simply by opening access to view real estate objects, or they can access their personal account and monitor the dynamics of movement on their ad: the number of views, comments, etc. All these ads have been approved by our experts, as they have passed the "transaction security" service, and therefore buyers can safely consider these objects for investments.

We also take into account the requirements of those who would like to invest in commercial real estate. This section is for them. The main difference between commercial real estate is the ability to use it for different purposes. So, if residential real estate is rented out only for living, then commercial, in addition to living, can be used as a warehouse, office or store. In addition, a clear advantage is that commercial facilities are more profitable in terms of payback periods and profitability. Their liquidity will depend primarily on their location and purpose. Our experts will advise you on this issue, focusing on two points: entry (the amount of your investment) and income (which you can reach thanks to this acquisition). It is noteworthy that the objects here can be different: from small apartments to the purchase of an entire hotel complex. 

If your plans and dreams include the construction of a residential or commercial facility, and you are still planning to buy only land, then we have a large land section for you. It clearly states the intended purpose: which object can be built, its area and permissible height. Until recently, little attention was paid to this section, since most believed that investing in land was unprofitable and long-term. But today, many investors consider land plots for investment from a completely different perspective: firstly, land tends to increase in value in the long term, despite the fact that no costs are required for its maintenance, except for the payment of land tax. Secondly, the construction of real estate on this site always gives you the opportunity to get a high income in the future. Thirdly, the land plot, as an object of investment, is not afraid of floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, however, until the construction of the object. In any case, the acquisition of land can be attributed to long-term investments. 

More recently, we have opened another section, which was also emphasized by Sergey Tumanov — this is secondary housing as a separate real estate object. In this section, you will get acquainted with real estate that has passed the "portfolio assessment" service: profitability, drawdowns and liquidity of housing are determined; as well as the "transaction security" service: legal documents are confirmed. This section echoes the self-sales section. Here, too, when filling out a simple form, you have the opportunity to place ads for the sale of secondary housing with the opening of a personal account — the ability to track audience engagement when viewing your ads. If you have any difficulties, our experts are ready to assist you in solving the problem. 

And that's not all. We are not standing still. In the future, we have the opening of new countries: Albania, Mexico, Serbia. The layout of proposals for Monaco (opened just a few days ago) can already be found on the website. It is also noteworthy that you can use our services both on the territory of the countries represented by us, and from the territory of these countries when linking to other countries with which we plan to cooperate. Plus, it will surely pleasantly surprise many, and soon we are going to cover the Chinese market. Imagine, our highly efficient services will be available in China! These are great opportunities for our customers who already use the services of VelesClub International

In addition, we are adding design services. This is a high-quality product that will make a breakthrough in the real estate market, both investment and secondary. "It's like a multicolored explosion in a Skittles video advertisement" Sergei Tumanov joked. We are also adding services for the decoration and repair of secondary real estate, which can pleasantly surprise and please the owners. This is a multifaceted and multi-purpose service, thanks to which, without leaving home, you can equip your home with suitable appliances, furniture; make repairs; getting the necessary documents is all that, you will agree, will greatly please any user. 

We are also opening a tourism section (tourism sector), which gives customers the opportunity to buy a vacation ticket or plan investment tours directly on the VelesClub Int page. When forming these cases that are convenient for our clients, we take into account such a desire as insurance of our real estate, and in the future, perhaps, life insurance. This is also a remarkable service, because again, without leaving the site, you can immediately arrange insurance according to your requirements.

In conclusion, the General Managing Partner and Founder of VelesClub Int. Sergey Tumanov wished all his clients: "To live this life as they want, enjoying every minute, because success loves those who enjoy every moment, and do not complain about fate." 
He also noted that, in turn, we are waiting for feedback from customers, as we want to improve and enter the world's top league by the end of 2024. It is impossible to do this without feedback, because it is thanks to you, our customers, that we will know what to add, improve, expand in order to please you further.


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