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Dubai vs. Istanbul: A Comprehensive Guide for Real Estate Investment

Dubai and Istanbul stand out as compelling choices for Russian investors venturing into international real estate markets. Each city brings its own unique advantages, presenting a captivating choice. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of real estate investment in both Dubai and Istanbul, providing a comprehensive overview to inform your investment decisions.

Real Estate Dynamics in Istanbul:

Istanbul, straddling continents, has experienced a significant uptick in real estate demand. With a remarkable 20% surge in property prices during 2023, the city showcases economic vigor and remains a pivotal tourist destination. Turkey's proactive measures, including a citizenship program for investments starting at $400,000 and a two-year residence permit for real estate acquisitions exceeding $200,000, bolster Istanbul's appeal.

Real Estate Dynamics in Dubai:

Dubai, a global business and luxury hotspot, continues to dominate the real estate landscape. In 2023, the city accounted for over half of the Gulf's real estate transactions, surpassing $171.6 billion in total value. Forecasts predict a 20% surge in rental prices in 2024, presenting a promising outlook for investors. Dubai's investor-friendly policies, including a two-year residence visa for property purchases starting from $205,000 and a ten-year golden visa for acquisitions exceeding $545,000, enhance its allure.


Choosing between Dubai and Istanbul for real estate investment necessitates consideration of various factors, including investment goals, budget constraints, and risk tolerance. As both cities allure global investors, staying abreast of market dynamics becomes paramount. This guide aims to equip investors with insights for making informed and strategic investment decisions in these dynamic real estate markets.


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