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Batumi Real Estate Investment: Where to Buy Apartments for Rental Income

Georgia has garnered attention for its soaring rental yields, with returns reaching an impressive 10-13% annually on long-term contracts. If you're considering investing in Batumi, here's where to buy apartments to maximise your rental income.

1. Bagrationi District - A Profitable Choice:

Situated just beyond the Old Town, the Bagrationi district emerges as the prime location for generating rental income. Property prices here remain relatively affordable, making it an attractive option for investment.

- Studio Apartments:

   - Purchase Price: €40,674
   - Monthly Rent: €426
   - Yield: 12.57%

- One-Bedroom Apartments:

   - Purchase Price: €56,754
   - Monthly Rent: €473
   - Yield: 10.00%

- Two-Bedroom Apartments:

   - Purchase Price: €89,388
   - Monthly Rent: €615
   - Yield: 8.26%

- Three-Bedroom Apartments:

   - Purchase Price: €110,670
   - Monthly Rent: €946
   - Yield: 10.26%

These yield figures, based on data from the third quarter of 2023, do not factor in taxes or additional expenses, which could slightly reduce the net income.

2. Studio Apartments vs. Larger Properties:

While studios boast the highest profitability, it's worth noting that the Batumi market has an oversupply of studio units. Consequently, when it comes to resale prospects, more spacious properties tend to fare better.

When considering a real estate investment in Batumi, carefully weigh your options and location choices to make the most of the booming rental market and maximize your returns.


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