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Alanya Protests New Short-Term Rental Law

The picturesque resort town of Alanya, a favourite destination for tourists and immigrants, is embroiled in a battle to defend property owners' rights to rent their homes as they see fit. This coastal paradise has taken a stand against the new short-term rental law, with local stakeholders fighting for more control over their property.



The Alanya Case


Mustafa Küçüker, the head of the Alanya Contractors Association (MÜTBIR), has proudly announced that, following arduous negotiations, the demand for "100% consent from all other owners for short-term rentals" has been successfully contested. This requirement was considered one of the most challenging aspects of the new law.



Implications for Other Cities


The question that arises is whether property owners in other cities and regions will draw inspiration from Alanya's success in protecting their rights to manage their properties independently. This precedent may potentially set the stage for a broader movement to safeguard homeowners' autonomy, particularly in areas popular among tourists.

Alanya's protest against the new short-term rental law serves as a beacon of hope for property owners seeking more control over their homes. While this victory may embolden homeowners in other tourist-centric areas, it remains to be seen whether similar "protests" will gain traction elsewhere.


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