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Relocation, freedom of movement and investment: opportunities available to citizens of the Russian Federation

We monitor changes and news in the real estate market and are always ready to provide you with up-to-date information on immigration opportunities. What is currently available to Russian citizens?


Freedom of movement, immigration and opening foreign accounts


- Turkish passport (investment from $400,000)
- Egyptian passport (investment from $300,000)
- Vanuatu passport (investment from $130,000)
- Portugal – investment funds from €500,000
- Investor visa to Spain (investments from 500,000 euros)
- Permanent residence in Cyprus (investment from €300,000)
- Hungarian residence permit (investment from 155,000 euros/for a work visa/for opening a company)
- EU residence permit based on financial independence (France, Italy, Germany)
- Dubai residence permit (investment from $205,000)
- Permanent residence in Canada - Startup visa and business work permit
- Green card - US EB-5 program (investments from $800,000)
- EU residence permit for digital nomads or highly qualified specialists (Greece, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Croatia)


Investments to preserve capital and generate income in foreign currency


- Apartments and villas in Thailand (investment from $105,000, fixed income up to 7% per annum)
- Apartments and villas in Bali (investment from $100,000, yield up to 15% per annum)
- Apartments and villas in Cyprus (investment from €300,000, yield up to 6% per annum)
- Cottages in country hotels in England (investment from £145,000, fixed return of 10% per annum upon purchase until the end of 2023)
- Apartments and villas in the UAE (investment from $250,000, yield up to 7% per annum)
- Villas and apartments in Oman (investment from $144,000, yield up to 10% per annum)
- Apartments, villas and hotel rooms in a 5* resort in Brazil (investment from $117,500, fixed return of 6-7% per annum for 2-3 years, then 10-12% per annum for short-term rentals)

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