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Malaysia Relaxes Golden Visa Program Conditions: Positive Changes for Expatriates

In a notable shift, Malaysia has made positive changes to the conditions of its golden visa program, known as MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home). These changes come in response to the tightening of requirements in 2021, which led to a significant outflow of foreign residents. The updated conditions aim to simplify the process and make Malaysia an attractive destination for expatriates seeking to participate in the program.


The MM2H program now offers three levels of participation: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with different investment entry thresholds and validity periods for the residence permit.


1. Silver Level:

   - Deposit: 500,000 ringgit (approximately $107,000)
   - Residence Permit: 5 years, renewable


2. Gold Level:

   - Deposit: 2 million ringgit (approximately $430,000)
   - Residence Permit: 15 years, renewable


3. Platinum Level:

   - Deposit: 5 million ringgit (approximately $1.07 million)
   - Permanent Residence


One significant and welcomed change is the removal of the requirement for a monthly income from abroad, which was set at 40,000 ringgit (approximately $8,500). This requirement had been a key factor contributing to the outflow of foreign residents in 2021.


Additionally, another notable simplification involves the physical presence requirement. The main applicant is no longer obligated to be physically present in Malaysia if the spouse or dependent family members spend at least two months a year in the country.


These positive changes are expected to enhance the attractiveness of Malaysia as a destination for expatriates seeking to participate in the MM2H program. The country aims to position itself as a welcoming and appealing location for foreign residents, fostering economic growth and cultural diversity. Individuals interested in exploring the golden visa opportunities in Malaysia are encouraged to stay updated on program details and consult with relevant authorities for the latest information.


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