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Exploring Northern Cyprus as an Alternative: Residency, Affordability, and Growth Potential

When it comes to obtaining a residence permit through real estate investment, Northern Cyprus emerges as a compelling alternative to Turkey. Here's why:


Cost-Effective Housing:


Properties in promising coastal areas are generally more affordable than in Turkey. With a budget of £65–70 thousand, you can acquire a 1+1 apartment in a seaside complex.


Thriving Tourism Sector:


Northern Cyprus is experiencing active development in the tourism sector, leading to an influx of travelers. The growing demand for housing presents opportunities for resale at a higher price or for rental income.


Flexible Residence Permit Conditions:


Obtaining a residence permit is possible through property purchase or long-term rental, and there are no specific price requirements for the property (unlike the $200 thousand minimum in Turkey).


Quick and Affordable Residency Process:

You can secure resident status within just one month. Additionally, you don't need to pay the entire property cost upfront; paying a third of the sale price under the sales contract is sufficient.


VelesClub specializes in verified developments in Northern Cyprus and is here to guide you through the entire process. Explore the potential of Northern Cyprus as a strategic choice for residency, cost-effective real estate, and future growth opportunities.


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