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The content of the article:

  • Art inspired by life
  • Architecture of the future
  • Global projects: Tango Tower, letter-shaped offices, boomerang office
  • New Healthy Home projects: Nisantashi Koru and New Levent
  • VelesClub Int. and DAP Yapi – open horizons of cooperation

There is different information about Turkish developers, and everyone makes their own conclusions, taking into account those projects that the developer can be proud of. And today we will reveal the secret of DAP Yapi's success. Her main focus is art inspired by life itself: sometimes by the unique beauties of nature itself, sometimes by the legacy of the past, and sometimes by humanity itself. Thanks to this vision, the company creates structures similar to a work of art. Imagine that you have placed your dreams in a small grain of sand. Thanks to hard work, creative thinking and set goals, this grain of sand becomes a picture of the future, which is prescribed by original architecture and advanced engineering solutions. These business and residential premises are out of their time, they are at least 50 years ahead of it. In addition to the original architectural solutions, each DAP Yapi project carries its own historical value, thereby emphasizing the main idea — “what we do today, we will also do in the future, with the same enthusiasm”, creating such projects that will change the world and turn grains of sand into works of art. Shelale residential buildings are buildings inspired by the waterfall. Moreover, they were followed by other projects such as Space, Village, Premium and Crown on the Asian side. And based on the concept of Japanese sedge, the company created the Centro Futura project with impressive Japanese architecture. The projects that were built using the sailing concept are also not ignored. The success of these very rare projects on the world stage has been marked by many awards. “To be the best, you have to become a pioneer.”

The company has revolutionized the world of architecture by creating the Burgu Tower, which rotates 108 degrees. This tower is a unique architectural object not only in Turkey, but all over the world. Have you seen any tango dancers? Agree, the dance is fascinating. No less fascinating is the DAP Yapi project — the Tango Tower, which seems to come to life thanks to an extraordinary design solution that combines passion and aesthetics.
The developer also pays great attention to the concept, which takes into account the business world from A to Z. One of these concepts was the Z-shaped office project. The company submitted this project to the Guinness Book of Records for consideration, as it was an innovation not only for Turkey, but also for the whole world. The project received an award for the best office management in the world and the best business development. Subsequently, this “letter complex” became the center of attraction with 932 offices, with revived buildings in the form of other letters. This raised the bar of prestigious business life even higher.
And very often people repeat the phrase that “no one has canceled the boomerang law.” This inspired the company to create a boomerang-shaped office. The meaning is simple, but important – everything that we send to the universe will eventually return to us. What do you think is the best attitude to work in such an office?

The company's project, the Dalga Tower, was recognized as the best in Europe (among 5,441 projects). Its unique shape is an inspiration from the vast expanses of the sea. And the Vazo Tower, in turn, is based on images from the distant past. Its main embodiment was the Hittite vase as a cultural heritage of 1600 BC. This is a kind of tribute to the ancestors who created such beauty. But most importantly, the company's projects differ not in names, but in design and concept, and carry environmental friendliness and care for people. Thus, combining manor life with today's modern lines, the Vali de Ba mansions were built, which are located next to the second largest green area of Istanbul. And here all sales records were broken, which are quite difficult to repeat in the conditions of the real estate market. In 4 months, almost all the objects of the low-rise Orman Kel project were sold, again breaking all sales records. The company has 41 awards from the most respected real estate organizations in the world. But the company does not stop there.

To date, two major projects have been opened in IstanbulNisantasi Koru and New Levent. Let's look at them in more detail.
Nisantasi is located in the most prestigious area of Istanbul and its main concept is a “Healthy home". Huge pool terraces, high ceilings and private gardens — all this will combine health and luxury for the first time. The houses of the complex are presented in the form of villas with a garden and villas with a terrace, designed taking into account the logic of a luxury ship, where materials are compatible with each other, living spaces are used most effectively, and quality and comfort are maximized. Many of them will offer a unique view of the Bosphorus. The project has already attracted the attention of the whole world with its unique architecture and a sense of luxury felt in every detail. A big plus is that the territory of the complex with an area of 60 thousand m2 is completely landscaped.
And thanks to the New Levent project, the company brings the vision of DAP Yapi to Europe for the first time, introducing the world to the luxurious Garden Hills residences in Lisbon, one of the capitals of culture and civilization. This project is a kind of bridge between Lisbon, the westernmost part of the European continent, and Istanbul, the easternmost. A completely new concept of life is being revived in the center of Istanbul, in Levent, one of the most well-developed areas of the city, next to the main street, where the largest international companies are located. Based on the example of horizontal and low—rise architecture, the New Levent project is a durable and safe structure designed using the latest technologies.

I would also like to note the fact that DAP Construction Development, a company that provided transparency in its charter from the first day, completed the public offering process in 2022 with record demand and began to be listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Being one of the leading housing manufacturers in Turkey, it benefits people and creates all the amenities for their comfortable life. Their developed projects cover an area the size of the city of Dubai, which is an excellent motivation to move on. The most important truth about the company is that it is one of the leaders in real estate construction in the world, and VelesClub Int. I am sincerely glad to have such cooperation. Just the other day, we signed an agreement with representatives of DAP Yapi. In the photo (from left to right) Hakan Yilmaz — International Sales Manager, Adem Yilmaz — Deputy General Director, Artyom Bugrov — head of the VC Int. Representative Office in Russia and Ziya Yilmaz — Chairman of the Board of Directors of DAP Holding — all involved in such a joyful event. Joyful, because our company has been on the market for more than 7 years and our main goal is to work for quality. We work with top leaders in the field of construction and real estate to be confident in the facilities that we offer you. Today you have the opportunity to take advantage of interesting offers from our new partner — DAP Yapi.


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