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  • Diving is an active type of tourism
  • Divers' favorite places
  • Similan Islands: Thailand
  • The Red Sea of Egypt
  • The Mediterranean Sea in Side
  • The Red Island of Sardinia
  • Medes Islands: Spain

We continue our section "The best resorts". If you missed recent publications, follow the link and get acquainted with our selection of resorts for family holidays. And today it's about diving.

In 1943, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, together with engineer Emile Gagnan, came up with the first autonomous underwater breathing apparatus, now known as scuba. The study of the underwater world began with him. Now diving is becoming a full-fledged type of outdoor activity. Many tourists who dream of exploring the mysterious world of the water element are increasingly looking for new places to dive. Divers constantly communicate with each other on social networks, share their “finds". And today we would like to lift the veil of this mysterious underwater world and tell you about some popular diving resorts.

First of all, let's figure out which places attract divers. Everyone's preferences are completely different: someone likes to travel among the reefs, studying rare species of marine fauna; someone plunges into the depths in search of sunken ships and treasures; someone likes to release adrenaline and dive where the sharks are; and someone wants to try it for the first time — to see the underwater world firsthand. And there are actually many such places. But today we will tell you about those that are most accessible to diving enthusiasts. 

A lot has been written and told about Thailand. A constant stream of tourists is flocking to the country. Divers do not stay away either. They loved the Similan Islands very much. These islands are of volcanic origin and are therefore considered the best for diving. The archipelago itself is part of the Mu Ko Surin National Park and is strictly protected by law. The islands are located in the Andaman Sea and are open to the public from November to May, as they are closed during the rainy season due to storms and strong currents. Divers love this corner of nature because Thais are doing their best to preserve the pristine appearance of this place. Diving here will be interesting for both beginners and more experienced lovers of the underwater world. And there is really something to see here: whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays and giant turtles that live only on these islands. And it's not worth talking about azure water — you can see it with your own eyes. Let's note the most popular beaches: Donald Duck Beach and Bacon Beach. There is also a private beach for tourists on Huyong Island, as giant turtles nest here, but there is a lot of interesting things for divers. 

An equally unique and beautiful place where scuba diving groups gather is the Red Sea of Egypt, namely Sharm el Sheikh. Especially beginners who want to dive in and see the marine flora and fauna as in the picture are eager to get here. There are many colorful corals and unusual fish in this place. The reef in some places can be explored without even diving deep, along the coast. Not far from Sharm el-Sheikh there is a bay - Ras Mohammed, which was loved by J.Cousteau. And this is not surprising: there is the purest water and huge coral reefs, some of which are about two billion years old! Diving is also taught here for children starting from the age of 8. Many parents strive to give their children an unforgettable experience. And here an important aspect is that in Egypt all organizations providing special diving equipment treat this issue very responsibly: they constantly check equipment, qualitatively approach the choice of employees, meticulously check the availability of certificates and permits. Fines for violations are large, so it is not profitable to work carelessly here, and this, you must agree, is of great importance for your safety.

Another place that divers love is the resorts of the Turkish Mediterranean. No one will be surprised by a wonderful vacation in Turkey. During the beach season, our compatriots, as a rule, choose this country. Divers also love it. Side has become a particularly popular place for outdoor activities. Sandy beaches and crystal clear water are the perfect place to dive. It is also important to take into account such a moment that it will be interesting not only for beginners, but also for diving professionals. The underwater world of Side conquers and constantly calls again — huge cascades of fish, a variety of marine flora and fauna — you find yourself in another world where time flows quite differently. 

Well, how about without European dive sites. Traveling around Europe, you can not miss one heavenly place to explore the underwater world. The red Island of Sardinia is pure untouched water, rocks and caves, a sandy beach and an unforgettable experience of diving into the water. In the north-west of Sardinia there is that very place — Isola Rossa. A small port village (only about an hour's drive from the airport of Alghero Fertilla) is part of the island, which is still little explored. But anyone who visits here once returns again, because the white sand and crystal clear water can be envied by more famous beaches. 

From Italy, along with scuba diving, you can transfer to Spain, to the Medes Islands. Seven small islands form an archipelago called the marine reserve. The flora and fauna here are the main attractions of the western Mediterranean coast. The archipelago is located north of Barcelona. And the main resorts to visit are in the nearby resort towns of the Costa Brava. One of these is L'Estartit beach. In addition to self-immersion and exploring the underwater world, you can also take part in an interesting treasure hunting game with your children. The game is called “Underwater Treasure Hunters". But the most important thing is that the Medes Islands are a popular place for all divers: both beginners and experienced. Diving here will be mandatory under the guidance of professional instructors and in compliance with all safety rules.  

Today we have revealed to you only a few popular places for lovers of the underwater world. Of course, there are the Maldives, the Seychelles, and Hawaii. It is difficult to cover everything at once in one article, which is why we invite you to travel with us, learning every time about the best resorts in the world.


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